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Allegiance to the Flagg

By The Circuit, 08/21/23, 2:45PM EDT


In the realm of high school basketball, stories of underdogs rising to prominence against the odds are not uncommon. Every once in a while, a story emerges that transcends the ordinary, capturing the hearts and attention of enthusiasts across the nation. Such is the remarkable journey of Cooper Flagg, a name that has swiftly become synonymous with raw talent, hard work, and a determination to succeed.

Hailing from the tranquil state of Maine - a state not known for it's basketball pedigree - Cooper Flagg's rise to prominence is nothing short of awe-inspiring. Maine might seem like an unlikely breeding ground for basketball prodigies, yet Flagg's story is a testament to the power of passion and dedication - proving that talent knows no geographical boundaries.

Recognizing the need to elevate his game to a higher echelon, Flagg embarked on a transformative journey by relocating to the basketball hotbed of Montverde Academy in sunny Florida. The decision to leave behind the familiar surroundings of Maine and immerse himself in a culture of excellence demonstrated Flagg's unwavering commitment to his craft.

Montverde Academy, renowned for its basketball program that has produced numerous NBA stars, provided Flagg with an environment conducive to his growth as an athlete. The rigorous training, exposure to top-tier competition, and guidance from seasoned coaches infused Flagg's game with newfound precision and finesse. His time at Montverde Academy has become a crucible where his raw talent has turned something truly extraordinary.

Adding another intriguing layer to Flagg's journey is his recent reclassification into the class of 2024. This decision to move up a graduating class speaks volumes about his confidence in his abilities and his eagerness to challenge himself further. Such a bold move reflects Flagg's ambition to continually push the boundaries of his potential and solidify his position as one of the most promising prospects in the high school basketball landscape.

As Cooper Flagg's star continues to rise, his story serves as an inspiration to aspiring athletes and a reminder that determination and a relentless pursuit of excellence can rewrite the script of one's destiny. In this article, we delve deeper into Cooper Flagg's remarkable trajectory, uncovering the defining moments that have shaped him into the basketball phenom he is rapidly becoming.

After his recent reclassification, we take a deep dive into which schools The Circuit thinks Flagg should consider as a landing spot for his college career.


Since the beginning of Flagg’s recruitment, Duke had always been a school mentioned as a possible landing spot. Picking up an offer from Head Coach Jon Scheyer and the Blue Devils on May 15th, Flagg recently took an unofficial visit to the Blue Devils campus - the first college visit of his recruitment.  With an exceptional blend of athleticism, court vision, and a deadly shooting touch, Flagg has the potential to make a substantial impact within Duke's system.

Duke's recruitment of him has been strategic and persistent, emphasizing the program's history of developing top-tier talent such as Kyrie Irving, Jayson Tatum, Paolo Banchero, and countless others. Flagg's ability to run the floor with finesse and deliver crisp passes aligns with Duke's fast-paced, team-oriented style of play. His versatile defensive abilities would be a weapon on defense, and he would give the Blue Devils a prospect that can legitimately defend positions 1-through-5. Duke is considered to be the favorite to land Flagg's one season of services, and if he chooses to make Cameron Indoor is home, anything less than a national championship would be a mild disappointment for Blue Devils' fans everywhere.


Kansas Jayhawks basketball program has been relentlessly pursuing the talented prospect Cooper Flagg since offering him on July 19th, recognizing his skillset and potential to make a significant impact on the team from day one. Flagg aligns perfectly with Head Coach Bill Self's dynamic and adaptable system. Flagg's ability to play both as a playmaker and a scorer gives him the versatility to thrive within Self's offensive schemes, which often rely on smart decision-making, ball movement, and creating opportunities in transition.

His defensive instincts and commitment to teamwork also resonate with Self's emphasis on disciplined defense and collective effort. The Jayhawks are accustomed to having top-ranked recruits playing in Phog Allen Fieldhouse, and Flagg would be the highest-ranked recruit to play for Kansas since Andrew Wiggins in 2013.

Michigan State

Tom Izzo - entering his 28th season as the head coach of the Michigan State Spartans basketball team - has built a remarkable legacy that continues to inspire and attract young talents like Cooper Flagg. Known for his dedication to developing both exceptional basketball skills and strong character in his players, Izzo's coaching style transcends the court. His emphasis on hard work, discipline, and teamwork has not only led the Spartans to numerous successful seasons and championships but has also shaped the lives of countless athletes under his guidance.

For Cooper Flagg, the opportunity to learn from a coaching icon like Izzo would be extremely valuable. The chance to be mentored by a coach who values growth, resilience, and a genuine love for the game could serve as a powerful motivator for Flagg to choose the Spartans. Three things would come true if Flagg picks Michigan State; the offense would be centered around him from day one, Izzo would be coaching the top-rated prospect of his carrer, and the Breslin Center would be as energetic as ever.


The University of Connecticut experienced a historic championship season under the leadership of Head Coach Dan Hurley. In a remarkable season overall, Hurley's efforts led the UConn Huskies to a triumphant victory, capturing the coveted national championship title over San Diego State.  The National Championship has sparked excitement about the Huskies' ability to land Cooper Flagg's talents, and playing in Storrs, Connecticut would keep him close to home in the northeast.

As Flagg contemplates his college commitment, witnessing the Huskies' meteoric rise under Coach Hurley's guidance serves as a compelling testament to the program's commitment to excellence. The championship season showcases the transformative impact that Hurley has had on UConn's basketball program, making it an enticing destination for 5-star prospects across the country.  


Over the last couple years, the NBA G-League Ignite team has become a viable next-level option to any highly-ranked player. The G-League is responsible for producing talents such as NBA Draft picks Scoot Henderson, Jaden Hardy, Dyson Daniels, Leonard Miller, and more.

If Flagg doesn't choose the standard collegiate route, all eyes would point to him becoming a pro after this scholastic season.  The G-League Ignite team - coached by Jason Hart - has proven the ability to develop young prospects. Flagg's commitment would be a ratings dream for the G-League, and he would have the opportunity to hone his skills against current pros.