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2024 4-Star Nic Codie commits to Texas

By Alex Karamanos, 11/02/23, 4:45PM EDT


In a moment that has Texas Longhorns basketball fans buzzing with excitement, Nic Codie, the highly-touted 4-star forward, has officially committed to the University of Texas and head coach Rodney Terry. This commitment marks a pivotal juncture in Codie's young career, and Longhorns fans have every reason to be thrilled about the addition of this talented prospect to their team.

Nic Codie, known for his versatility on the court, has been a sought-after recruit by numerous top-tier programs across the nation. His decision to join the Texas Longhorns reflects his belief in the vision and direction set forth by head coach Rodney Terry and the opportunities he sees within the program.

For Nic Codie, committing to Texas is not just about choosing a school; it's about embracing a community, a legacy, and a tradition that extends far beyond the hardwood. The University of Texas, with its rich history and passionate fan base, offers Codie a unique stage to further develop his skills, showcase his talent, and compete at the highest level of collegiate basketball.

Head coach Rodney Terry has been instrumental in securing Codie's commitment. Known for his ability to develop young talent, Coach Terry has already made a significant impact on the Longhorns' program since taking the reins. His experience and coaching philosophy align perfectly with Codie's aspirations, making the decision to commit to Texas an easy one.

Under Terry's guidance, Codie will have the opportunity to refine his skills and become an even more versatile and well-rounded player. Coach Terry's commitment to creating a culture of hard work, excellence, and a winning mentality mirrors Nic Codie's own values and ambitions, making this partnership all the more promising.

As Nic Codie begins this exciting chapter of his basketball journey, Longhorns fans can look forward to witnessing a young star's growth and development within the Texas program. Codie's commitment not only bolsters the team's future prospects but also signifies the unwavering support from Longhorns Nation.

Nic Codie's decision to don the burnt orange and white of the Texas Longhorns is more than just a commitment; it's a promise to push himself to new heights and be part of a legacy that values hard work, determination, and the pursuit of excellence. The University of Texas and Coach Rodney Terry are thrilled to have Codie as part of their family, and Longhorns fans can expect great things to come.

As we eagerly anticipate the days when Nic Codie graces the hardwood in Austin, we celebrate the spirit of commitment and excellence that he embodies. Welcome to the Longhorn family, Nic! Your journey has just begun, and together, we aim for the stars. Hook 'em!