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The Sunshine Classic: Two Game Breakdown

By The Circuit, 11/30/23, 2:00PM EST


**Game 1: Brewster Academy vs. Sunrise Christian**

The evening's festivities kick off with a clash between Brewster Academy and Sunrise Christian, two teams known for their rich basketball traditions. Brewster Academy enters the Sunshine Classic with high expectations, led by a number of high-level, Division I players.

Iowa State commit Nojus Indrusaitis is a key member of the backcourt rotation, and he's joined by Stanford commit Elijah Crawford. Senior big man Daniel Jacobsen - committed to Purdue - anchors the middle, while underclassmen Sebastian Wilkins and Dwayne Aristode provide value on the wing.

Brewster head coach Jason Smith is accustomed to one thing: winning. This group might lack the "star" power of the past, but top to bottom, they should be able to compete with anyone in the country.

On the opposing side, Sunrise Christian counters with a formidable guard duo—Jeremiah Green and David Castillo. Green, known for his explosive speed and scoring ability, is a threat in transition and a constant challenge for any defense. Paired with Castillo's sharpshooting and playmaking skills, Sunrise Christian boasts a backcourt tandem that promises to keep the scoreboard ticking.

As Brewster Academy and Sunrise Christian square off, fans can expect a fast-paced, thrilling contest between two teams hungry for victory and eager to make a statement in the Sunshine Classic.

**Game 2: Montverde Academy vs. IMG Academy**

The excitement doesn't end with the first game, as the spotlight shifts to the clash between Montverde Academy and IMG Academy. These basketball powerhouses feature standout players poised to make a significant impact on the event.

Montverde Academy boasts the dynamic duo of Cooper Flagg and Derik Queen. Flagg, the #1 player in the country, is known for his ability impact the game in so many ways. Paired with Queen, a dominant force in the paint, Montverde presents a formidable inside-outside combination that will test the resilience of any opponent.

Facing off against Montverde is IMG Academy, led by the skilled point guard Darius Acuff and versatile forward Khnai Rooths. Acuff's court vision and playmaking skills make him the engine of IMG's offense, while Rooths adds a scoring punch with his athleticism and defensive abilities.

As Montverde and IMG cross paths, fans can expect a clash of titans, with both teams showcasing their strengths and competing at the highest level. The Sunshine Classic promises an unforgettable night of basketball brilliance, setting the stage for an exhilarating tournament ahead.